This yard uses 49% less water than before grass removal; the homeowners did most of the work themselves.

After 1

This yard uses 50% less water than before grass removal. The homeowners planted two apple trees and a pear tree.


Side yards are often utilitarian in nature, making them prime candidates for grass replacement projects.


This project kept a grassy area for the kids.


This project uses rock and decomposed granite as mulch for drought tolerant plants.


This project removed more than 2,000 square feet of grass.

Casson 1

This DIY stone walkway is laid on a simple, compacted dirt base.


This project resulted in a yard that uses 10,000 gallons less water per month.


This homeowner opted to replace lawn with a beautiful paver patio.


This homeowner replaced more than 1,300 square feet of lawn with crushed rock and decomposed granite.

After 2

Natural stone and rock creates an appealing informal patio, and reduced this lawn by 950 square feet.

After 3

A paver patio creates a timeless and functional space in this homeowner’s back yard.

610 E Croy Completed Project 3

This project replaced more than 1,400 square feet of lawn with a stone walkway, a privacy berm and road mix between the berm and the street.

South Side 2

The lawn in this rarely used or seen side yard was replaced with gravel, and now uses zero water.

After 1

This homeowner replaced 837 square feet of lawn with a paver walkway, decomposed granite seating area, and road mix next to the driveway.